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                                               Chapter 1

Do you think that after what happened to her she can start all over? Turn a new page and be a new person?

After 5 years trying to build her life again and to become a new person, she managed, but like people say the past will soon gain up on her.
In these years so much had happened.
The band 'Fallen Angels' had broken up. Tom and Erry started dating, so did Mira and Bil. They went on tour with them and are really happy.
Sam went to collage and met a nice boy , and now they are dating.
It seems like everyones lives got better , the memory of her slowly fading away.

An annoying beeping noise rang throe the room. A soft groan was heard and a hand came out under the covers and pushed the snooze button.
The girl yawned and got up. She was tall , had brown eyes , brown hair with a  few locks of  purple hair and her hair was curly.
Like I said she changed her appearance and so to say it was Eli.
Her room was big,  there was a double bed, the sheets were black and and white with different dots of colors on them. The room was painted in a soft cream purple color, the curtains were red with leaves on them.
There was also a plasma TV, a walk in closet , a desk and a few shelfs, that held many books and CDs . Also there was a  white carpet on purple flowers.
Eli got up from the bed and walked to her bathroom. The bathroom was big, there was a sink , a big mirror and a hot tub and a shower. The bathroom was in red and pink tiles.
She got a quick shower and brushed her teeth, dried and combed her hair and went out from the bathroom with only a towel.
Since the room was big enough and there was no one, she let out her wing.
"That feels so much better." Eli said flapping them a few times. The girl walked to the closet and pulled out a deep blue T-shirt with a white corsage on it, and jeans shorts. Eli retreated her wing and   quickly slipped the clothes  on and applied some mascara on her eyes.
Then she realized that it had been too quiet.
"Hey , give me that. I want the last peace." someone whined. She sighted and went out of her room. I thing you got lost here but let me explain. Eli found a school for people like her, that have abilities and she sometimes wondered why does she hang out with these people.
When Eli walked out of her room she saw the kitchen, it was a complete mess.   She groaned  and  walked to the dining room.
"Hey will you stop it. Gimme." A boys voice said. She walked over to the people on the table and saw two boys, that looked exactly like each other, except they had different eyes and hair, fight for the last pancake. Eli snatched the pancake and shoved it in her mouth.
"Hey, no fair." one of the boys said , glaring at her.
His name was Danny,16 years old,  he had blond hair and deep brown eyes , that looked awe most black. He was tall well built and was the life of the party.
The other boy is Damon also 16 years old. He had brown hair that looked awe most black and blue eyes, but when he was angry his eyes changed to a deep blue. He was a little taller than his brother and was well built.
Danny controlled the energy and the mood and Damon electricity and see a little in the furure.  
"Well leave some for me. You eat like pigs." Eli said sitting next to Danny, the only empty seat.
Danny was dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans. Damon was dressed in a gray T-shirt and jeans.
Eli turned to the others and smiled. There were four other girls at the table laughing and eating.
The girl next to Eli was named Steisy 16 years old. She had long blond hair to her wrist and piercing blue eyes . She had pail skin and was really slim. Steisy wore a pair of short , high heel and a purple shirt. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. And she wore big golden earrings. She was funny, smart, the life of the party and she was a really good dancer.  
Steisy controlled fire and ice.
Next to Steisy was Hope. She is 16 years old , has long curly brow hair and dark green eyes and a slim body. She wore shorts flip-flops and a light blue T-shirt with no shoulders . Hope is funny , smart ,very carrying and a little shy. Hope also has a brother 5 years older than her and he is not learning in this school
Hope controlled the water and time.
On the other side were the other two girls.
Her name was Mishel, she was 16 and had long brown hair to her wrist and blue eyes. She is  tall and has a slim body. She is  funny , a little shy and  not the person to go to clubs.
She wore shorts and a red T-shirt with a ribbon on it.
Mishel controlled earth and mind control.
Next to Mishel is Katerina, she is 17 years old, has long brown hair and dark green eyes, she has full lips and she is tall and slim.
Katerina is the life of the party and she liked to party real hard.
She wore a jeans skirt stylish shoes and a golden shirt.
Katerina controlled the air and weather.
They all wore a necklace with a blue diamond in the middle. That was to know that they learned at that school and to know and control their powers.
They ate breakfast and Danny and Damon were stuck cleaning the kitchen. When they were done they headed to the school.
"So what do you want to do today?" Katerina asked.
"Watch a movie after school?"Mishel asked. They agreed that after school they will watch a movie.
They all sat under a really big tree and relaxed.
"I wish some days were like this . No care in the world." Damon said leaning back and closing his eyes. The other nodded and the heard the bell. Their eyes widened.
"The Professor  will kill us if were are late." Danny said.
"And he is the spell teacher. We will be in trouble." Steisy said. They got up and were about to run when someone cleared their throat our and they turned around staring at the person.
Hey , hey hey :D
SUrprise i uploaded it a bit eariler. Sorry it's so short but I'm really tired and I have school in the moring so ^^" sorry if they are any mistakes.
Well I hope you enjoy it.
Don't forget to comment. :D
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